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Prior to Construction


A thorough environmental assessment of your site is the best way to start a project. 


RAR performs Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESA) to determine if there are any Recognized Environmental Conditions with the site.  Should our search reveal that your property shows evidence of such conditions, the RAR team can assist in the next phase of assessment.


A Phase II ESA involves the collection of soil and water samples at your site. We can run samples from the site through our sister company, Environmental Laboratory Services (ELS), the state-of-the-art laboratory located within our office complex.  The  Phase II ESA will determine the extent of contamination to your propert.  


Should the contamination at your site exceed regulatory standards, we will enter the Phase III ESA process.  This process includes the preparation of a Remedial Action Plan and Site Cleanup.


In addition to our three-phase environmental assessment process, we help our clients utilize brownfield legislation allowances by working through state regulatory agencies. Brownfield legislation (such as Pennsylvania’s Act 2) encourages the renewed use of contaminated industrial sites instead of the development of greenfield sites for the same purpose.


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