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Design relies on experience and lessons learned, and also on the skills, abilities, and intuition of the engineer. Just as structures are built on a foundation of concrete and block,  RAR Engineering Group is built on a foundation of skill, vast experience, and intuitive abilities in the areas of:


  • Site design and development

  • Highways and bridges

  • Environmental assessment and permitting

  • Municipal engineering

  • Structures


Our multi-discipline team includes environmental, civil and structural engineers, designers, geologists, hydrogeologists, biologists, and chemists using the latest equipment and techniques to provide workable solutions for every client situation. Our sister company, Environmental Laboratory Services (ELS), offers the added benefit of producing test results that are fast, accurate, and reliable.


RAR Engineering Group features unsurpassed experience working with state, county, and municipal departments and agencies. We know the regulations and the agencies that developed them. For more than 20 years we have provided  our expertise for our clients in state departments of transportation, environmental agencies, and other regulatory bodies, expediting the engineering process and conducting procedures according to current requirements.




Veolia ES Alaron, LLC Proposed Training Building

R.A.R. engineering group, inc., was utilized by Veolia ES Alaron, LLC to perform engineering services related to the construction of a 6,400 SF pre-engineered steel building, 65-feet in height.  The building houses a 20-foot square x 25-foot deep training pool.  The primary use of the pool will be for the mock up and entry into the reactor vessel




Environmental Laboratory Services, Inc. (ELS) provides environmental testing and analysis services for private industry, government agencies and residential customers.



Use of Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) and Electromagnetic Line Locating equipment eliminates much of the guess work on projects.

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